The same as so many others here. This company must be making a fortune with this scam so they are not going to stop.

I got in touch with the people at Mastercard to complain about a payment that had gone out to Bright White for $87.13/£56.70. He then got the site up on his computer and advised me to get in touch with them to try and sort it out. He gave me their number 01617680100. I was on the phone listening to piped music for 29mins and 45secs, then when someone answered

they cut me off right away, AAAARRG! I rang again, 35 more mins of piped *****. Finally got through to a young lady who basically explained that because I had not read the Small print there would be no chance of a refund

but she could make sure there were no more debits made from my card.

She told me to go to www.cancelsite.com and with her still on the phone I filled in my address etc.. and submitted it, she said that was it, I had been unsubscribed. Shortly after that I found this site with all the adverse expriences on it. So I got back intouch with mastercard and cancelled the card right away, just in case.

I'll have to wait and see what the two half-hour calls to the states cost me. Lesson learned, for a while anyway.

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